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Sakari Kukko Afro Chamber with Strings

November 3, 2020

Sakari Kukko Afro Chamber with Strings - Media info

August 7, 2020

JouLumo is out now

Sakari Kukko just recently released a Christmas album to bring the Christmas spirit alive again. JouLumo album brings the magic of Christmas through old spirituals which came from Germany to Finland centuries ago. The age-range of the singers covers from 7 to 91 years making it sound like a family celebration. Kukko’s experiences in countless music-genres can be heard in the arrangements and improvisations.

Sakari Kukko - Kaiken Maailman Pelimanni Book by Elina Saksala

The book about Sakari Kukko and his journey in music is officially out.Get your copy at:Suomalainen Kirjakauppa

Sakari Kukko received the Special Emma Award

Congratulations to Sakari Kukko for receiving this year's Erikois (Special) - Emma. He would like to thank all of his supporters who have been there appreciating his work.

Sakari Kukko's newly released album "Valo"

The meditative jazz songs on Sakari Kukko Quartet’s newly released album Valo are based on religious hymn compositions. The line-up on the record is Sakari Kukko on saxophone, Uffe Krokfors on bass, Mika Kallio on drums and Iro Haarla on piano and harp. Get your copy now at your local record shops in Finland or at Rockadillo Records shop.