Mamu & Persu

PerSufi - productions humbly presents: ‘MAMU & PERSU’

We offer a show with music covering elements from diverse classical cultures to ethnic, jazz, popular, rock, reggae, world - well, almost anything.

But along, with the music we also give a THEATER-experience growing from the complex situation and crash of two very different cultures.

Finally the crash turns to mutual understanding, respecting and even learning from each other.

We plan to let this project grow to an Opera-production including the bigger band below, and - if possible - a whole Opera - Orchester! - We are still looking for a producer...

We talk mostly Finnish, but we can make the Show also in English, Swedish
Spanish, French, German and Wolof - at least.


Current Band Members:

  • MAMU (incomer): Meissa Niang: voc. ( colorature-tenor), percussions
  • PERSU (basic Finn): Sakari Kukko: piano,voc. (testos-tenor),-sax, flute


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