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Piirpauke is a Finnish musical group combining folk music, world music, jazz and progressive rock. It was founded in 1974 by the singer-saxophonist Sakari Kukko, who is the only original member left in the band today. In addition to large number of Finnish musicians, several musicians from various countries have also played in Piirpauke. The band has released 19 studio albums as well as several live and compilation albums.



HUM'BALAX is the combination of the two words, Humppa and M'Balax.

Humppa is the traditional dance music of Finland while M'Balax is the modern dance music of Senegal.

Sakari Kukko Afro Chamber

These African young men bring with their instruments and music the air of the ancient Mali empire (1200-1600),where their ancestors served as court musicians.



Afrojazz with top senegalese musicians. Music covers old and new african songs and compositions of nordic compsers like Selim Palmgren and C.L.Lithander.


Long-line master jazz-musicians from Finland diving in the history of jazz-music since 2013.