Sakari Kukko Afro Chamber & Strings

This album is connected to the Kainuu-area of Finland. Sakari Kukko was born in Kajaani and now lives in Kuhmo.The music describes an imaginary story about a long journey of a village-musician Ressan Lassi (Lauri Keränen) from Kainuu to Casamance, West-Africa.
"As l observe this project, l noticed, that l needed all the experience and musicianship l have to be able to realise it. I studied string-quartet thoroughly before and while writing this music with all the string-instruments at hand." - says Sakari Kukko.
The string-quartet was collected by Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola. He has made a massive career within both classical- and jazz-music. He has worked as the concertmaster of The National Opera of Finland as well as jazz-violinist in The Wasama Quartet in the 70:es and later f.ex. as the concertmaster of The Savonlinna Opera Festival Orchestra, and the Orchestra of The New York Metropolitan Opera.
The African masters represent families, whose musicianship has been developed through tens of generations. The Cissokho’s have been working as court-musicians already during the Mali Empire (1235-1670).
Meissa Niang is a respected singer-songwriter in Senegal, who’s hitting Sawaaji can be heard often in Senegal also performed by other singers.
On this album a western violin quartet meets African master-musicians on a level never heard before; not as two bands apart, but as a unit without borders.